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  • Ferrari 512 BBI
    Posted by : Mark Pearson

    If you have a vintage or valuable european import - there is no better place in Chicago. They have long relationships with many Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Mercedes etc owners who would only trust Steve and Vic with their babies. Knowledgeable and fair - these guys are the best. If you are impatient and demanding, this is probably not your place. Relax, stay awhile, trust your car to them and you too will become one of the family. They take their time but do first class work. To them working on these vintage cars is an art form. They rebuilt my Ferrari 512BBI from a rolling piece of crap to one of the most beautiful examples in the world. True artists.

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  • BMW 6 Series
    Posted by : Stacy K.

    Great repair shop for your high end BMW. Whether you have an original 6 series, or a new M6... These guys (Steve and Vic) are very good at what they do and run a first class shop. They are always careful and correctly performed the service. Please don't bother these guys for a oil change on your Honda.

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  • AUDI S8
    Posted by : Elrich

    Steve and Vic are genuine miracle workers. I have found them to be incredibly helpful (once some belt broke and I couldn't move the steering wheel and within an hour they had picked up my car and managed to get it to the shop), knowledgeable about imports and shockingly fair regarding pricing. It's worth a trip just to see the incredible cars living inside the shop - everything from Ferraris to DeLoreans to pre-Ford Jaguars. Without this place, my out of warrenty Audi S8 would be a goner and I'd be driving a Prius. If you're the proud owner of a European beauty, take it here. They will treat both you and your car with care and respect.

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  • BMW X5
    Posted by : Peter N.

    I have a 2001 BMW X5 and I long ago got sick of paying dealer prices for service and repair. I don't know much about cars, and I'm a poor medical student who got this truck as a hand-me-down, so I always break out into a cold sweat when it needs any kind of service because I always end up feeling ripped off.

    I heard about Euro Auto through a friend, and have dealt mostly w/ Steve. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that over the past 3 years, they've saved me THOUSANDS of dollars. They've got a garage full of ridiculously nice ferraris and bentleys and stuff, so working on my car is a piece of cake for them expertise-wise.

    Steve has never let me walk out of there without taking at least ten minutes to give me a mechanics lesson so that I totally understand what's going on and what needs to be done. That alone is invaluable, where other mechanics make me feel like a total idiot for not being an expert.

    Several times the dealer said they had to replace a part with a brand new one, and Steve was able to fix the part I already had and save me tons.

You can find us across from the Apollo Theater at the corner of Lincoln and Lill, 2547 N. Lincoln Ave. in Chicago.

We're at the corner of Lincoln and Lill, under the EL. Drive up to our front door driveway, ask for Steve or Vic.
Monday - Friday 8 > 6 PM.
Saturday 8 > 2 PM.
spacerSunday by appointment only

icon 12547 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60614

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Vic and Steve are the real deal. They are detailed, knowledgeable and great to work with.

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